Welcome aboard to Teastain INC – Whats that unique Aroma ?

So, here we go today. Slight cracking of the knuckles. A little stretch and hot cup of tea to get those creative juices flowing.

Welcome to Teastain INC everybody. You all know how we started, the formulation of the idea, the flow of the thought process, the innovation and adaptability and the final cut.

Yes, our idea, our brand and well, your platform to success!!! * Loud cheers* *Applause*

Everyone listen loud and clear. I mean read clear and wait I can’t say loud now. Any young Film-makers, copywriters, Graphic and Web designers around?

Yup, that’s what we do. We get projects, tonnes of projects. And do to our lack of man-power are searching for students who can actually do it for us. Yes, we are that lazy. Actually no, we respect our sleep. That’s a lot more apt isn’t it?

Have you had those days in college when you’d wish you had that Apple IPhone? Or those cool shades?
A pair of swanky tops? Expensive shoes? Anything? Or just enough money for one date?

When I was in college I would rant on and on about how I could get more of that immensly valued cotton paper. Well we had a group, who were capable but the word Amateurs shunted us to gain market experience during the course of study. Took us nearly 2 years to get there. Where’s the Gap? Why the Gap?

You know what, you can earn money as well for those projects you do for us. Yup, we got rich guy with some deep pockets and through him we can provide you a monetary fee for a job well done.

You need money? We need completed projects. So, symbiosis anyone?

But how else will this help us? Just one project? Or two or three.. The money is nice but is that all?

Do you want more?

Well we provide you recognition for your projects. For those who want to build on portfolios and for those who just want to fill out their CV’s after college. These would add to your work experience.

So what do you say boys and girls? Want to make some money using your creative knowledge while improving your chances at getting that dream job?

You know who to call. Let’s talk over a cup of tea.. www.teastaininc.com 


Who the Heck is us? – TeastainINC

If  you had thought we are yet another stain remover, be rest assured that we are not.

It all happened over a cup of tea.  

One fine day, three of us were story-boarding for an amateur ad festival. It was then a lightning of an idea struck us.As we were sipping on our tea, one just couldn’t think of a name for the idea.

Voila, and it was right there! On the piece of paper, where we had parked our tea cups. Out of the mark the cups had left, sprang up something like a magic. Our idea had a name to it now. Teastain. 

We are not Stain Removers – “They are the proof of something, was there and no longer is. Like a stain. You can turn away, but when you come back, they’ll still be there looking at you.”

The crazy stuff we do

  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography & Video production
  • Audio Engineering – (Background Score, Jingles, SFX)
  • Website Development and Designing
  • Print and Graphic Production
  • Content Development and copy writing

A frothy concocted brew of other assorted, related stuff, too.

If you are looking for innovation by looking at subjects in a different light altogether, we might be the one with the right cup size.

As a two-year-old creative outfit still in stealth mode, we treasure moments that made us deal with challenging subjects.  As a production house, we cherish amazing experiences with our customers, while we bring smiles on their faces with our competencies. Ensuring customer delight is our cup of tea.

With digitization poking its lovely nose even into your washroom, it is just inevitable to spruce up your businesses and enterprises, by communicating and promoting your ideas on any new-age platform effectively.

Visual tools are just one option in making you achieve your means. Feel free to barge into our office. Over a cup of tea, let’s discuss more such options to make your biz a bumper hit.

Come to us for all such needs. You can catch us playing around on social media. And, you are absolutely welcome to crash into our game any time. You never know on which play field ideas are best bounced off.


By the way…

Anybody, students and otherwise, with a creative slant can stain their hands with us. We, in fact, love to stalk them into doing so. How cool it is to gain market insights as well as technical expertise and experience, even while studying!

Also, you can send in any interesting (XYZ) videos which you chanced upon to our Democratic Downloads section. Yeah, you got it right. It is by you, for you and of you.

It’s not one way, you can as well download the cool contents from that page.

Come, join us, have fun with the stain. -> www.teastaininc.com

Previous LOGO – How & Why?

This platform began over a cup of tea post Brainstorming session narrowed us to the Stain – a mark which gets embossed literally on the surface of the wood once the cup of tea is lifted and Eureka!! that’s the name we shouted.. Lead to become TeastainInc

Its more like this quote – ” They are the proof of something, was there and no longer is. Like a stain. You can turn away but when you come back they’ll still be there looking at you.” – Diane Arbus.